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Your inside resource for outside adventure! Easy navigation to find gear, outfitters, shops and events for your favorite adventure sport. Find "how to" and equipment information and much much more. We stay open as long as the outdoors does!
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This is a good site that offers quite a lot of content. This includes among others the SARDA and Challenge 8000 pages, as well as a gear finder and jobs page.
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Enthusiasts can find plenty of information on activities, events, competitions, personalities, gear and more. Interact with fellow outdoor enthusiasts at Great Outdoors and get the most out of your time outdoors.
Super 7 Climbing
Super7 is an attempt to make a first ascent on every one of one of the seven continents. It is led by Oliver ‘Olly’ Metherell. The climbs they are attempting to complete take completely unclimbed lines up some of the planet’s most remote mountains.

BSES Expeditions
BSES Expeditions is a youth development charity that organises challenging scientific expeditions to remote, wild environments to develop the confidence, teamwork, leadership and spirit of adventure and exploration of its Young Explorers. Based at the Royal Geographical Society, BSES Expeditions (The British Schools Exploring Society) was founded in 1932 by a member of Captain Scott’s final Antarctic Expedition of 1910-13. Each year young people aged 16-23, from different schools, universities and many other walks of life, join together to take part in valuable adventure and environmental research projects in challenging areas of the world from the heights of the Himalayas to the heat of the Arabian desert, and from the valleys and glaciers of the Arctic to the lakes and rivers of the Amazon.

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