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Loughrigg Terrace Ambleside Cumbria
Time 1 hour Distance 6 miles Map(1:25) OS Outdoor Leisure 7 Quality 8/10 Difficulty 3/10 Fun Value 9/10 Ascent 541ft Terrain low lying fells Surface Roads, Bridleways

This is a great route that is just right if you don't have much time or the weather is non too good, but be careful as it may turn into a game of skittles with the ramblers! If you are looking to stay in Ambleside try for hostel bookings.It starts and finishes at the rear of Rothay Park in Ambleside just beside the River Rothay GRID REF 370045 that's just over the cattle grid that is. Now then once you have crossed the main grid that is across the road there is a second grid on your left, together with a bridleway sign you need to follow this sign so cross over the grid and get into them granny cogs because this hill is going to warm up your legs a little. Follow this road as it twists up the hill past some cottages and transforms into a rough track and you will come to a gate, this is where you are puffing and panting and thinking about a quick break.  DON'T the next section is no where near as bad, just stick to the bridleway and you will come to another gate next to what use to be the club house when Loughrigg had a golf course GRID REF 362045.

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Once through the gate you get out into the open fell, the route is pretty well defined just keep along the wall on the right hand side. Some of the sections ahead change in difficulty from week to week as the rain washes top soil away and feet dislodge stones and boulders, COOL never the same track! But please do keep to the track even if you have to go through a big muddy pool, as it stops the widening of the track.

 Once through the next gate that is at the top of the never ending hill you will come across some very nice but a little bit technical rocks and mud, after you have negotiated these head down hill into the little stream remembering to shift down so that you can make it up the other side in one, beware there are usually groups of ramblers around this spot!

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Then there is some very nice and tasty single track down to the bottom as you pass below Ivy crag, you should be next to a wall that you want to stay with as pass into the woods and through a number of gates and rock steps. As you pass through the last gate you will notice a building on your right and a small track down to the road on your left, ignore both of these and go straight ahead and watch out for Chickens. You will pass through what you may think is someone's back yard and out onto a tarmac track, turn left and the immediately right into some bushes with a single track running through them, this will turn you right on to the road at the junction under Little Loughrigg. Follow the road past Loughrigg Tarn and follow the road around at the next junction towards The Oaks, where there is a tea shop which does open now and again! GRID REF 341047. Keep on the road until you come to a junction on your left that leads to High Close GRID REF 340054 a little further on the right is the track that you want to be on, this is Red Bank and is the start of some real fun. This section is known as Loughrigg Terrace is almost all down hill, the way is pretty much straight forward, and at most of the junctions there are little bridleway markers.
The main rules are :-

1) keep to the bridleway
2) watch out for persons
3) follow the edge of the lakes, first Grasmere then Rydal
4) have fun

If you have followed the route and not gone wrong anywhere you should now be at a double gate with a track beyond, this track will take you down some steep banks on a tarmac track which leads to another cattle grid and a little bridge that crosses the River Rothay. Don't cross the bridge instead turn right and follow the twisting back road which will bring you back to your starting point. Now Hit the pubs and enjoy!
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Map showing to Mountain Bike Route over Loughrigg Terrace Ambleside Cumbria
Key to the Loughrigg Terrace Mountain Bike Map


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